Mindful Mamas and the Art of Self Care

The primary theme or objective of this event is to explore different ways in which mothers can empower themselves to feel, think and behave in ways that promote health and wellness.

Based on scientific research, we will look at what techniques and strategies are most effective for reducing stress and enhancing emotional well being. We will practice hands-on approaches and also participate in discussions about motherhood stress and joys.

Jenny Wang

My name is Jenny Wang and I am a licensed clinical psychologist in Texas and North Carolina. After completing a finance and psychology degree at the University of Texas at Austin, I went on to earn my PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center with a primary focus in health psychology. I then completed postdoctoral training at Duke University Medical Center where I worked with solid organ transplant patients who were awaiting organ transplantation and trying to cope with the realities of depression, anxiety and struggles with mortality. I then became a mommy to my daughter, who is now almost 4 years old, and a son, who is 6 months old. As a mother and a psychologist, I am particularly interested in the ways mothers manage to "do it all" and at what cost to their emotional and physical health. I hope this event can encourage us all to examine ourselves and find ways to enhance our lifestyles for the better.

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Tue Mar 7, 2017
9:30 AM - 12:00 PM CST
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